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MyHomepageCMS - Bredyho blog - Ondřej Novák
Bredyho blog - Ondřej Novák


A short presentation of simple WEB-CMS system MyHomepageCMS

MyHomepageCMS is Content Managment System written whole in PHP which uses MySQL and filesystem to store the all data.

MyHomepageCMS is not free and currently there is neither download link nor demo pages. I using this CMS as base framework in customers projects. The framework is still in the development, but main parts are written, and it can be anytime used only with some small limitations.

MyHomepageCMS has been projected for small sites, presentation or blog sites with small count of articles. At the beginning, it has been implemented as one-user system, where there is only one administrator, which can do anything. The latest version also supports multiple administrators where each can have different rights in the system. The main benefit of this system is, that you can manage content without need to have any knowledge of the HTML or other underlying technologies. You only write articles, uploads images and files, and you are able to create galeries, post videos, include active parts (plugins PHP or JS) or activate (and moderate) a discussion and user quality rating of each article.

Main disandvantage of MyHomepageCMS is, that it is hard to set up new site using this system. It because there are no standard visual templates. So any graphics design must be prepared and converted into underlying technology before it can be used. So set up the new project need someone with HTML and CSS knowledge. Fortunately to add new content when design is already set up doesn't need such a knowledge. On top of it, MyHomepageCMS doesn't uses templates for page design. Everything is made using CSS, so it can be sometime harder to perform 1:1 conversion from graphics concept into the CSS code.

Whole framework is divided into two main parts. First part consists of multilevel menu, called categories. Articles itself can be included into multiple categories. Content of every sub-category is visible in the parent category, however, this feature can be turned off for each category. You can also link article directly to the category to show up article clicking on the menu (hiding the list of articles).

The second part is article itself. Every article consists of sections, where each section can be of different type. It can be plain text, formatted text, image, gallery, video, plugin or dynamic section. These sections are displayed on the page in the user defined order. There is no limit to count sections per article.

Every section can have a file attachment, which is used depending of section type. When section is image, file is displayed as image. If section is plugin, file is interpreted as script. If section is plain text, file is displayed as preformated text and so on. Attached files can be shared by multiple section and accros articles. So you are able include script into page, display it, execute it and allow download without need to duplicate the file for each section. It is shared.

Main features of MyHomepageCMS

  • multilevel menu (categories)
  • multisection articles
  • discussion under each article
  • ratting under each article
  • build in galeries
  • Uses Texy to write articles (extended with some features connected to CMS)
  • Login using OpenID (no passwords)
  • Discussion uses OpenID instead of name and e-mail.
  • multiple editors and administrators
  • simple backup and restore, incremental backup
  • small count of tables in DB

Main differnces between well known CMSs and MyHomepageCMS

  • There is no difference between page and blogpost. You can write blogposts as small articles.
  • MyHomepageCMS doesn't have tags. You can add article under multiple categories, so you can use categories as tags. Adding new category is very easy simple writting the name of new category at empty line during editing category assignment.
  • Whole concept of MyHomepageCMS is very easy and gives you more freedom. There are no complex admin(backend) pages. All editings are made directly on the final page and you can immediatelly see, what reader will see.

Some screenshots

MyHomepageCMS-EditCategory.jpg Modify category
MyHomepageCMS-AddNewSection.jpg Add new section into an article, including list of section types
MyHomepageCMS-AddToCategory.jpg Assign article to the category
MyHomepageCMS-EditingArticle.jpg Edit section of the article
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